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I'm Rol, a skilled web developer who's been working in this field since 2013. My expertise covers a range of areas, including WordPress, making stylish static websites, using PHP and Laravel, optimizing websites for better performance, and a bit of graphic design flair.

From the curiosity that sparked my journey to the passion it's become, web development has been my true calling. I've become a pro at crafting WordPress themes and plugins that work seamlessly. I also know how to build static websites that look great and load fast.

When it comes to dynamic websites, I'm all about using PHP and Laravel to create solid foundations for digital innovation. Slow-loading websites? No way! I believe in fast, efficient experiences for users.

I also have a good eye for design. Whether it's web design or graphic design, I make sure things look great without sacrificing user-friendliness.

But my main focus is on writing high-quality code. I'm all about building websites that not only look good but also work flawlessly behind the scenes.

If you're looking for an experienced professional to bring your web development and design ideas to life, I'm here to collaborate. Let's work together to turn your concepts into top-notch digital experiences. Feel free to get in touch, and let's set out on a journey to reshape the digital world. ๐ŸŒโœจ

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"Our business required quick changes and Rol was able to deliver them. The best quality about him was that we could always rely on him - either on good times or bad. He always delivered and didn't require double check. Whoever will hire him, will make a good business decision." · "To be honest, I don't want to offer the truth of how awesome Rol and his team is to work with! I know it's selfish, but if the truth gets out, you will take his time away from me. Rol is that great to work with!" · "Everyone knows asking someone to make and implement your vision, exactly how you have it drawn out in your head is difficult. Sometimes impossible. Rol not only patiently adjusted to the moving target that we had to meet in developing my website, but also took initiative to improve and explain why he did the things he did. The support and responsiveness were exceptional, never had to wait over 12 hours for a response, and thatโ€™s truly saying something when you are working with someone across the globe." ·

Work Experience

Web Design & Development Blog

Junior Web Developer
August 2013 — January 2015

I assumed the role of overseeing maintenance and enhancement activities for a WordPress blog. This encompassed a spectrum of tasks, ranging from minor adjustments to intricate tweaks aimed at refining the website's functionality. This engagement marked my initial immersive encounter with both WordPress utilization and the management of server operations. Given an unexpected departure of the prior developer, I found myself under notable pressure, compounded by my status as a novice developer. Despite the formidable circumstances, this challenging episode served as a pivotal juncture, fostering my growth as a proficient WordPress developer in subsequent endeavors.

FLXEL Web Agency

Senior Web Developer
January 2015 — March 2015

In the span of a mere two months of employment, I assumed the position of Senior Web Developer, collaborating alongside a fellow professional and former colleague from our prior organization. In this capacity, my primary responsibility entails spearheading web development initiatives, complementing my colleague's concentration on design and the acquisition of new clientele.

Beginner Website Tutorial Blog

Web Designer and Developer
March 2015 — Present

Commencing in 2015, my active involvement has centered on the technical administration of the website, inclusive of meticulous oversight of its design, feature integration, and transitions in web hosting infrastructure. Concurrently, while my employer's focus remained on the delivery of high-caliber content, I assumed the responsibility of ensuring seamless website operations. Navigating its evolutionary trajectory, I undertook the construction of entire themes from the ground up, adeptly aligning them with evolving requisites. Additionally, I adeptly applied optimization strategies intrinsic to WordPress, amplifying both performance benchmarks and user experiences.

Digital Marketing Agency

Web Designer and Developer
March 2015 — Present

Following the success of the previous websites, I was entrusted with the pivotal task of overseeing, coordinating, and producing all subsequent websites. This encompassed the entire spectrum of responsibilities, ranging from conceptualizing designs to executing the development phase within the WordPress framework. Beyond the purview of technical website management, I also assumed the role of administrating their hosting servers. This entailed executing multiple migrations between servers, each undertaken with the overarching objectives of enhancing web loading speed, fortifying reliability, and bolstering security.

Housing Market Website

Full-Stack Web Developer
August 2022 — Present

The front-end landscape materialized through the agency of Laravel, complemented by a bespoke PHP content management system substantiating the backend. With an overarching goal to ensure untroubled website operations and hosting within the AWS ecosystem, my purview encompassed an array of responsibilities including redesign initiatives, feature ideation and realization, performance optimization, and robust security fortification.

Moreover, I spearheaded the inception of a dedicated WordPress website nested within a subdomain. In this capacity, I conceived, designed, and constructed every constituent feature from the ground up. Aided by the WordPress REST API, property data was seamlessly fetched, orchestrated with finesse through the deployment of vanilla JavaScript to orchestrate intricate frontend functionalities.

Tech and Tools

Tech and tools used over the years. From creating engaging web design to bringing those designs to life, I dive into the world of front-end and back-end tech to build robust websites. Let's create something amazing together!

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